The NavCare Model

Virtual care technologies, partnered with our experienced care team, enable any practice to support the continuum of care for preventative, follow-up, and chronic care management
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Integrated Devices

Provide patient interaction, communication, reminders, educational content, and e-Visits

Care Platform

Customizable analytics, insights, and features proactively track conditions between visits

Care Coordinators

Deliver exceptional personalized care, supporting patients in managing their health
For Providers

Stay up to date on care without being on call

Conserve system time and resources while maintaining a high standard of care and positive patient outcomes
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Remote Patient Monitoring

Personalized care with connected devices, clinician-managed support, and virtual visits
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Chronic Care Management

Condition-specific services for managing at-risk patient populations
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Virtual Hospital at Home

Clinically managed programs that act as an extension to inpatient-level care at home
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Transitional Care Management

Virtual clinician outreach, care coordination, and community resource management
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For Patients

Receive high-quality personalized care

Whether recovering from an illness, injury, surgery or need assistance monitoring a chronic medical condition, our care team helps manage your day-to-day health under the guidance of your doctor

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