Monitoring Devices and Transmission Console

Condition-specific monitoring devices are shipped in preconfigured kits directly to the patient or healthcare system. We ensure every patient receives personalized device training to measure their vitals effectively

The transmission console, a choice of hub or tablet, connects wirelessly to patient monitoring devices, collecting and transmitting every data point to the NavCare Connect integrated health dashboards

Clinician Care Team

Our Care Team of virtual clinicians act as an extension of providers' practices, on-call 24/7/365 to handle adverse events, out-of-range results, or lack of engagement with specific, provider-dictated responses and workflows, offloading the day-to-day burden of care from practices and caregivers
Patient Communication
Plan Compliance
Patient Adherence
Medication Management
Appointment Scheduling
Service Coordination
Mental Wellness
Nutritional Support

Comprehensive Care Management Platform

For Care Team

Condition-specific workflows and feature sets empower our Care Team to provide early and more accurately informed interventions, adjustments, and care management to patients at home while ensuring maximum provider reimbursement for every encounter

For Providers

Customizable workflows, features, and actionable insights give practices visibility into day-to-day patient vitals, population health trends, care plan performance, and overall patient compliance

For Patients & Caregivers

The easy-to-use app, with alerts, reminders, secure messaging, and e-visits capabilities, connects patients to their care team or provider and keeps loved ones and caregivers up to date on patient health trends

Remote Monitoring Devices

Tablet Console
Hub Console
Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF)
Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1)
Blood Glucose Meter
Blood Glucose (mmol/L)
Cholesterol (mmol/L)
Wireless Pulse Oximeter
Oxygen Saturation (Sp02)
Pulse Rate (BPM)
Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor
Systolic Pressure (mmHg)
Diastolic Pressure (mmHg)
Pulse Rate (bpm)
Blood Pressure Arm Monitor
Systolic Pressure (mmHg)
Diastolic Pressure (mmHg)
Pulse Rate (bpm)
Infrared Thermometer
Ear / Forehead
Temperature (°C/°F)
Body Weight Scale
BMI, Body Fat, Water, Bone
and Muscle Percentages (Kg/Lb)
Infrared Thermometer
No-Contact Body / Surface
Temperature (°C/°F)
Medical Alert System
Emergency Alert Button,
Fall Detection, & GPS Location
Handheld Device & Case
Medical Alert System
Emergency Alert Button,
Fall Detection, & GPS Location

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