Remote Patient Monitoring

Flexible end-to-end remote patient monitoring platform customizes processes, equipment, and software to any practice, workflow, or patient population.

Seamless Launch

Our team will handle identifying patient eligibility, outreach, registering and onboarding participants, distribution of devices, and set-up assistance
Patients begin receiving more access to care
Practices quickly start receiving reimbursements

Individualized Care

We'll partner patients with a clinician coordinator, a diagnosis-specific care plan, and physician set parameters and protocols
Routinely submitting vitals improves care compliance
Enhanced level of patient engagement
Enables early recognition and intervention

Proactive Monitoring

Alerts are issued when vitals are not submitted or are out of range as defined by physician protocols
Enables early recognition and intervention
Reduces likelihood of ER visits or worsening conditions
Clinician oversight provides caretakers a peace of mind

Alleviated Workload

The clinician care team is available 24/7 for support and triage, the physician platform provides constant visibility, and monthly billing summaries with correlating codes for reimbursement help streamline productivity
24/7 support provides patients security and independence
Physician platform provides visibility without appointments
Care Team alleviates day-to-day admin tasks
Lower system costs while generating new revenue
"This system has just proved to be wonderful. It has been such a stress reliever, having another set of eyes and a nurse watching, it's just been a huge stress reliever for me"
– GYALIA, DAUGHTER & Caregiver

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