Transitional Care Management

Our proven TCM solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow to help patients get out of the hospital and back to their community with the reassurance of continuity of care

Automated Workflow

We’ll help identify patients eligible for TCM, handling outreach, patient consent, enrollment, and onboarding
Reduced patient intake and bed days
Fewer system resources required

Interactive Contact

Care coordinators contact patients within 48hrs of discharge to review the discharge instructions, schedule a visit with a designated provider, and provide high-touch ongoing support for 30/60/90days
Allows patients to recover in the comfort of their home
Less complications, hospitalizations, & readmissions
Reduced issues mean reduced cost of care

Platform & Clinician Support

We monitor real-time patient-health information, ensure patients submit their vitals daily, manage medication, coordinate any prescribed health services, and handle preventative interventions and support
24/7/365 monitoring and support
Provide patients and caretakers greater sense of security
"I think this service is one of the better things that AU has ever done, especially for older patients like myself, it's been extremely beneficial to my care"
– Patient, Augusta University Health System

Reduce preventable readmissions and medical errors post-discharge

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